Dark contemplation

Wan Lai when both static and quiet read of the satisfying of the text. Only you and gently lower of the two exchange words. You can love him as his long-standing woman, can also be utter devotion to him as a brother, in short, this is only an “author” not too clearly qualified as, naturally, do not care about the language or is it taboo bound, in the final words, the space on the big speech.

Some people say that people who like the night, there is a sad story, there is a lonely soul. Feng Ye have told me “You are a hidden story of the people.” I?

Drink herbal tea, look at the harsh lights, looking at the little yellow lights suddenly remembered Li Ao has said “the performance of people often divided into two; one is the” popular feeling “the other is the” strange feeling “,” strange circumstances “is beyond” conventional emotion “performance” Popular feeling “itself is sometimes not objectionable, but” strange feeling “really have to, that” popular feeling “itself sometimes is not necessarily bad, if a major event to” vulgar Love “from” strange circumstances “would be better.”

Han Jia Yi in the “Dress Bird Fu,” Lane said, “Misfortune relied upon by Fu, Fu Xi disaster by V.”
“Happiness and worry about the door Come, good and bad city.”
Jia Yi is worthy of “strange circumstances.” He not only with a wise man’s eyes went up to see the blessing from a curse, blessing to see evil, without suffering loss. Zhida also available from the School of aestheticism look deeper eye-catching long-term perspective to life. So no matter how beautiful the results of the last things on this side will bear fruit, this is the “strange situation.”

Therefore, regarding the “dark” issue, seen by the eyes of most people in the dark, deep. The rest is not healthy. In the “strange circumstances” point of view, the Boundless, Rengeyouzhi, each has different black and white day and night. Or happy or sad enjoyably is really feeling. In view of this, the night is beautiful, like the night is kind of mood, meaning or detached! ! !

Li Ao, I had not, there is no clue that philosophizing, see through “life and death,” tell “the deep and shallow water,” grafting from the “strange customs” of the situation is also debate the mess, just like the night I The years of walking in the cold-blooded woman most lonely and beautiful mind. Out to tell like my friend, perhaps meaning a pass then the good things and moods! ! !


And time to grow together in love

My heart is always in the snow
No matter what the weather
He was always a sudden freeze
Can not discuss
I look to the world of flowers in full bloom
The absence of fixed
My heart started to snow
Silent snow covers all
Mound no more confusion of pride and pain
When things go quiet when
Uncertain world suddenly brighter
So do not sorrow for me
I have my beautiful
Just begun
Jimmy —–
The gap in the earth where I look back, suddenly tired, tired, hurt. Cry. Saw that he was stupid, kind of stupid, so ridiculous, so greedy, so selfish, so stubborn, so humble ….. should be good ……
Wake up yet? Maybe not. In fact, has not come to their senses before. Only now won over, figured out bearish, and put down, so be happy, so he knows how to pursue and give up.
In fact, once, regardless of feelings, or experience, failure or success. Has been that good. To know where to go in the back room, whether he is right or wrong before, are worth it. Do not let certain things, certain circumstances, but for some people hold a grudge, so only their own pain. In fact, it is because once, loved, been hurt, pain and cried, and you only gradually mature, this is called “You would like to thank those who hurt you, because it makes you be strong.” The talk. That is because the failed, too low, you will want to succeed, longing for tomorrow. Thus the accumulated good and bad, joys and sorrows to enrich your life, enrich your life, improve your training. Temper your will.
Turned around, a flash of God, somewhere you already have a see through, down, comfortable, Going, sincerity, purity, equality and enlightenment. Compassion, tolerance. Desire, contented heart. Sky blue, the flowers, and see the mountains, the mountains, watching the water is water, which is the realm of life.


Whenever the sky was crystal blue, cloudless wide interactive, I always looked through the window, the sky to find the notes carefully. Whatever the reason, can not stop the pace I was looking for. Not suppress the continuous throbbing heart, not smooth. Across the cliff, passing plains, along the Jiang Liu. Envious eyes of light, always can not hide. How I wish I was the shadow of freedom.

They each looked at the figure, passing on my head, and constantly stretched posture. I will always unconsciously shape of two adult birds crochet, keep your fingers stretch, looking at the foot of the reflection, imagination is his heart, slowly fly forward, flying the … …

Sometimes, I will at some afternoon, supporting a chair, lazy lying, eyes closed, not blocked, no worries. Always comes naturally to slowly feel his own heart, Fly, Fly, fly to the vast expanse of the sky. I idly busy stretch of life brought about by fatigue, to accept the baptism of the wind, gentle breeze softly, with the sun’s taste, the taste is so good news. Sometimes clouds come along for the ride, gently sinking to appease my restless heart, soft, and then the point with a slightly elastic, following my heart, what, what kept crawling around, holding my body freely floating in the sky with the wind. I just need to close their eyes, and slowly the sky to feel my love, my gentleness.

Many a time I would go to fantasy, that piece of sky, spring as the flowers, that piece of the sky, Shu wide freedom. But the truth is not out of thin air to imagine, that the free country. Sometimes I imagine in some afternoon, the sun was shining softly, when the afternoon, take the time dressed in a soft silk knit sun golden cloak, the dough crashed into my heart forever I will love the girls, I flat looked on his arms, she sat next to me side, feel the breeze blowing grass, the feeling of kissing on the face, then I hold her hand, with the point cloud of a flower of happiness, said: ” I will take you to that beautiful country in our hearts, love you forever. “and then looked at her faint smile, in fact, our hearts are aware, we have each other without words to declare love.

We will also find a very warm decorated, very few people in the tea shop, a cup of Ice or slightly warm pearl milk tea, we looked on his arms, looked at each other, motionless. Watching the clouds moving slowly in the sky, the sun fell on the other side depicts the face of the yin and yang, as well as eyes unwavering love. We get along slowly with time taste, good and gentle time. Listening to the gentle undulating music store, listening to my beloved girls gently humming the same I love.

I enjoy being alone sometimes, when a curl of floating point smell of tobacco cigarette, on the windowsill in the space, the accumulation of the sad words, not that sad of a person dodging, not that sad that no one tell, not that one person guarding the night before, is not written numerous … …

Look out the window this season, last heard birds singing, it is my last cry of birds call. Slowly bring one day thinking I want to love the girls, never look back and to leave this luxury cage, to find our free country.



Farewell Old House

Old house is the home country house, built in the spring of 1983, is the first brick house full Tun. Years old house carved into the vicissitudes of life satisfaction, every corner is extraordinarily simple. Wall by wind and rain have melted, and as long as the touch of his hand easily, it will come off debris. But the old house in our hearts warm haven family is enjoying the Tianlun Taoyuan.

Old house, three of our brothers and sisters grow stored in memory, filled with the hard work of parents, the parents of the sweat soaked, covered with broad but deep parents love their children, filled with joy and happiness. Dream of carrying the family’s old house, old house bears witness to life.

I like the old house with a food aroma steam. Smelling steam, the mother carefully prepared meal in front of the scene will emerge: the kitchen fire, the mother’s face aglow, his face filled with a smile, but also overflowing with life’s dream.

Old house lights are hard to witness their parents. Tuen bright lights have nearly all the earliest. Parents up early, parents can still be dark through the dawn, to start a day of labor. Father to take care of farming, mother to start home. Even now entered the city, they can not change this habit. Perhaps Inf, under the operation of their parents, the family although not rich, but not constraints.

I remember the most happy thing is clean before the Spring Festival, dress up old houses. No matter how busy or tired, parents should clean the old house before the Spring Festival was spotless, a new dress. We are responsible for buying paintings, his own favorite pictures posted on the wall. I do not know the day before painting to go to see a few times. I know a lot of stories through pictures. Parents paste the wall, paste shed, we are busy along the way. Dress a new look at old house, and my heart is also much more bright. Environment created by the heart say, I do not deny this point of view, but I feel that the environment is also made heart.

The most memorable and most fun to work our brothers and sisters, married after the taste of the old house even more different. When holidays, we return to the old house, visit the elderly, lives on Syria, talk about life, enjoy the time spend with the family, is an old house filled with the most jubilant moment, broke the silence as parents Momo Lao. Lang Lang laughter, filled the ear, immersed in my heart. At this time we are in the best taste of the love of their parents. We also strongly motivated to honor the elderly, comfort their souls.

As parents age, we are eager to parents to come to our side. We have repeatedly begged parents moved into the next county, and live with us. Moving day, the parents wrote on nostalgia for the old house in the face. Mother told me, decided to move later, his father and mother more carefully than usual clean up the old house, every corner and look at them, take care of something. I clearly remember that the parents are required to move the items to move the car, the parents also three times into the old house, tears in the eyes of flowers, nostalgic feelings beyond words. Moment on the train, we all shed tears.

Bid farewell to the old house, heart abnormalities nostalgic old house. Old house is the way we dreaming. Increased the old house to our children a sense of responsibility, a filial heart, we are also working to make parents feel at home in the new old house is more than warm, enjoying their later years. In this way, we can comfort the old house, comfort their souls.

Another year March

Lovely spring March, the weather warm ye still cold.

Afternoon, carrying a hint of weariness to the ridge walk, the dazzling sunlight of a winter thorn lazy eyes a bit raw so, stop and Yuan Wang, fill the fields is colorful and the grass birds are flying, and is the “city on a beautiful warbler language disorder, the spring tide the city under the Lakeshore “” For beautiful eyes gradually squandering Asakusa can not horseshoe it. ” Look at the mountain, a Paradise after the rain, it is Lvfeihongshou, this time, heard several more tender ears of child voice: My God a little fish; my swallows fly up … …. Follow the direction of the sound, I saw a few red scarf run in the sun, the hand holding the long line, a small blush burst forth, like the fall of the ripe apples, look at the sky, colorful kites, such as a few tail free happy fish swimming in the blue sky into the sea, the childhood dream of colorful painted, instant, storage in the heart of hearts that the memory representation poetic Benson. www.sanwen8.com

“Another year, March / kite flying over the sky / Take my thoughts and dreams, go back to childhood / remember that in March / sleepless night of hard / paste the corner looking at the kite, in good / feel bright Day / Wake Up Little village partner / go to a village side / arms painted bird kites / Everyone laughs Kaiyan / try to catch the soil wind / release a long line / kite with innocent laughter / white to do with, “I remember also in the Department of Physics and Chemistry of age, approaching that of three days of lunar month, the village’s children have suddenly busy all of a sudden up, parents have been so much noise no peace, we are busy kites, to the day of March, children will be got up early, bring their own labor of the past few days, humming the song is not bad for a long time to sing the songs, yelling to each other over the village, and others to Qi, went to the wilderness outside the village on the kite. Small age, accompanied by a small vanity, have to strike a first contest was to bring the beautiful, who have new ideas this year, with the results, then the longest by the age of the crowd divided into several groups, the Flying Competition, participants will be in the crowd who had heard a loud cry, the desperately running and put more in the hands of the longer line, the sky kite flying higher and higher, and other kites in the sky “after the firm,” we then see who’s flying over the top, write down the top three, and then proceed to the next group, so that all participants than the end until the first time and then the finals, was the first who became the year kite king, then the standard of living is generally not high, material deprivation, this is the race there will be no material reward, and everyone one is for fun, most notably after the king in a small kite is the absolute authority of partners , like the Monkey King, no one beat him in before he has the power to participate in this competition indicates that any one person, this is what we pulled the nose in that era failed to pay the price. Now think, a little worth, in addition to mountain climbing in the depression, lower river fishing in troubled waters there is no other entertainment outside the years, it is only worth a year to prepare in advance, painstaking and laborious things, no less than the fathers of their grand are preparation stocking.

“I remember that year, March / sleepless night of hard / paste the corner looking at the kite, in good / feel brighter days / Now every spring warm / used to be the March / kite also painted birds / and the little Partners / kite knows my heart / head points toward the I / Take my thoughts and dreams. ” Can not stop time, unable to withstand the fleeting, and now, the kite has become a long history of a piece of my memory, bright pearl, shining I look back on childhood mentality. Now, the kite has been slowly fading out of life the vision of rich kids, they may be very few people know that March is the annual kite flying over the sky of a day is a day worthy of remembrance for generations, the kite is to They, like the smoke of the breeze, but a landscape Bale.

Today, the field in this country, to see the birds painted kites, many feel a fresh mind, as if he were a boy again, or dragging the nose, with light Ding little brother, running in the spring in March … …




The master of yourself

From self management to team management, master of yourself is the first step, the following share ten principles:
Who gives it confidence? Since it is self-confidence, self-confidence is not given by others, but ourselves give. Self-confidence is a self-assessment, is the ability to achieve their goals through their own beliefs. Self-confidence can be achieved through self-suggestion and not successful in paragraph consolidation phase.

Identification of the need to maintain the target beliefs, adhere to adhere to grasp is the confidence and practice, adhere to every time the struggle to overcome their own laziness, insist that it is put into action every day.

Their potential is to play hard, hard work is paying in excess of 100% of the effort, hard work is 1 hour to get up early every day, hard work is to think more and act more.

Please do not stop learning, with the observation of the eyes, ears to listen, thinking mind, shared language. The solid basis of the attitude of doing things, to seek innovative solutions.

Rain or shine, if the stride, stroll, not pleased, not to have compassion, with a goal, vision and big picture thinking to calm calmly.

Success requires patience, knowledge and experience, have the patience to wait for the opportunity and the general trend of turning point.

Inner strength to encourage those who do not need outside, they will go to self-encouragement, and they encouraged others to encourage their adoption.

Know how to collaborate with others, understand the acceptance and inclusion, know how to thank others for their support and growth to give us motivation.

No rules no standards, be a man of principle, be a man to keep its promise to do a ritual, and we have very good people.

When we accomplish something, we should help others; that is, we have not yet achieved, on the road, as long as some spare capacity, it should be of interest to others.

If we do not control themselves, as long as there is someone to control us. Young people should be practical personal growth and development of team members as a career, more than ten principles of practice should be a good experience, and ultimately will help them become self-management, thereby to be able to lead others to leadership.

Only compete in one breath

As the saying goes: “God is a stick of incense, human breath.”

Yes! Who is to compete in one breath, came on this fast-paced world, everyone’s life is not easy, in the person’s life, to go through this or that misfortune; learning and sorrow, not between friends Yue things; life unhappy, and so on, everything every day, hand in hand.

Whenever this time, do you think of your parents hard work? Own ideals? Think of the advantages are friends? The waiting time of life too proud?

When you think about whether they will raise your energetic ambition? Lost will wake up your mind? Is the oscilloscope will wake up your mind to overcome difficulties they? Will?

Friends! Wake up! We do not do something earth-shattering event for the efforts, a senior official not to do the hard work, not to fight for the five meters of petty confusion, not days, not land, not our hardship and parents. We are working hard for parents to compete in one breath. Before they are all so fierce a man can rise to allow them to have such good children proud.

Take a look at our parents, in the years under the relentless erosion of the growing old, their sons and daughters for their own, to pay their youth, paid a sweat effort, even their lives. End of the day it is received eleven palm resting place, lonely cold and lonely, but they are no regrets.

Throughout history, there are many parents for their children, can be described as painstaking;

Meng Mu Mencius not to make a good learning environment, many choose door neighbors, leaving the “Meng Mu moved three” of the story; mother was teaching his son did not forget national humiliation families have gone to defend the motherland, and his son tattooed back the “sake of the general” to spur his son left for this “mother tattooed, security of home and country,” the transfer story, has won universal praise.

Based on now, many parents are even more hopeful, eager to look as female as Phoenix disease. Children taught to make an early, early, or allow them to participate in this kind of training, although too early for children to increase the pressure on young mind, but also turn iron into steel ah! Parents really sorry ah!

Looking to the end, it is the social knowledge and talent, no real learning is in the lining at a difficult place, and the pace is likely to be out of time, looking at our parents, if not always complete children and grandchildren debt; order to put some of my children eat that day and night work, the children, after speaking to Yang Jiali industry, but also for the sake of women who recorded for posterity, hey! Our poor father and mother ah!

Friends, look at our parents, we pay so much for, but they mentioned what is it? Sometimes we in the outside air by the gas had to spread the parents who adopt them are not ignored, shouted hoarsely shouted the atmosphere, feel they are nagging, meddlesome, hard sanctimonious shame we do not have it? Our conscience will be Ann?

Parents gave us a strong body, and gave us a happy family, and even gave us a very good job, the present value of all parents to give, are the parents, thanks to which there is reason we do not study hard, work hard, how can there is reason to suspect that not strange how can I not, not for the other parent is not our fight for breath.

Legendary masters

Tender and beautiful peach blossoms, such as variety of butterflies, hovering in the air falling. Mother is the poetry in this beautiful season that gave birth to me and charming as the general wind west to Peach.
Mother is a beautiful shade flower industry Allure Wang Houmingjiaoyi widow after the death of father day and night, the dream is always the ghost of your mother, so they dream for my name in Iraq. Years after the father is on the look of Qi Rong said to me; in fact, I just Mother left him a lonely and poignant dream. The argument that time I do not understand these words, enlightenment is not through!
Yin flower industry as a queen, your mother is beautiful and good, your mother’s death spent the entire negative enveloped in sadness in the world, but because of my birth, it soon will comfort them.
Yam flower industry for thousands of years a popular legend: “Any person with a black hair will have extraordinary spiritual power to become the master of the flower industry.”
And when I was born with thick black hair, and hands are always gathering blue light. Everyone is convinced that I was the legendary master, is to bring happiness to their God.
I can remember my father has been locked up in lily house, does not allow me out of the palace from the half-step. Although he never said why, but I do not blame him, because I was destined to be different, uh, I shouldered the mission too!
200 years old when my hair started soaring even more than the magic of Master surgery profound and growing blue palm, and my temper has become increasingly worse. When these ladies tell Dad I saw his eyes full of laughter ripples. He will then use your mother’s jade edge of the sword before his death gave me, and I invited the great Master taught me to practice surgery. Since then, I did not get out lily house half a step, practice all day in the palace. Come back to see my father every day, gradually moving towards a strong look at me, his eyes filled with comfort, but there is always a touch of lingering brow of gloom!
Riyuerusuo, 500 roar day and night away from my head.
500 birthday, dad first took me out of the Lily House. I was the most powerful technique has cultivated itself into law, and has a beautiful as your mother’s face as Allure.
I saw the ministers bow at the feet of my father, I heard them for the admiration, I saw the face of the proud father, and his brow the 500 years of gloom has never receded. I asked him: I have the most powerful technique method, as long as you are willing to spend the whole world will be able to have a father does not show why the gloom?
Just smile froze in the face for all to step down to me, he said: “Menger you never fall in love with a man to spend community, he said, after no matter what Menger do not blame you spend community subjects, everything You have nothing to do with them that they can promise to always love me?
I was surprised all the father said, and asked: Why can not flower industry of men, what we going to do it? Davis did not answer as long as I promise! This is the first time he asked me. I said yes! Although the hearts of thousands of doubt. Then he asked what I most want. I said I want to see the outside world! I see a trace of worry crossed his eyes, the faint, said: “Go, my child, one day you have to face all this!”
I do not understand what is Dieshuo, but still out of these 500 years has been closed to my palace.

To love

 I apologize
 You want to write this poem
 Can empty my mind
 Meditation does not have to sentence
 I know poetry is not squeezed out
 Do not mind the emotional and imaginative
 There would be no poetic string

 Turn back to dusty Psalms
 It is all about you love admitted
 I still love you so much
 Doped love and cherish more careful
 You have only to measure the footprints of the earthquake ruins
 It also made ​​me fear and nerves
 I’m anxious to see you at a glance
 Suddenly afraid of losing you

 A very long day
 Me awake at night
 Afraid of the night
 Afraid of the night the earthquake,
 You afraid of losing my dear
 This day makes me panic
 Because I love you

 I hate earthquakes
 That hid their intense love for you
 Evans also blocked my
 Limited to what I write can not do without earthquake
 I would like to discard injuries
 Write you and our dear happy days
 I can not make love in their hearts to ashes
 I want to restore the forgotten pen
 Lit with a heart of love and the pen
 Let the pure emotion in the trickling flow of my tip of the brush

Subtle mind

Spring, everything comes back to the earth face changed overnight; colorful flowers everywhere, the grass had just stuck his head, the river has played a beautiful ballad. Everything was connected by a beautiful picture. Orchid growing on cliffs quietly, quietly blooming alone. Drum crushing cycle of the bell of a river flows, but also crushing the old soul. And blue, as if still in the last century.
     Rainy day, a ray of fresh, blowing willow into the wire; dressed in blue put on the new green, psychological started brewing a romantic story, the sun, turn left. Shadows, mottled. Go away when the green season, kindred Portland, has been slim, not sad, not abandoned.
     The other side of the soft branch, flying in the wind; hills turn red, I, across the planted Acacia, the last piece of maple trees, opened the season in the distance, sunrise, water; dusk, this predicament. Sweet smile every time after the blue of the mind who knows?
     Enpa drifting, blooming orchids, the fragrance, to stay in the winter. Lan thoughts, quietly deposition, quietly passing through. Gradually abated, blow away the share of quiet solitude, leaving a warm spring recall once they do, the soft red feet, leaving the passing of a way past and the poignant. Who whom weight loss? Who worries? Who is Who in the story? The world is so missed the people, not too early, that is too late! ! Someone will be happy sad!