The master of yourself

From self management to team management, master of yourself is the first step, the following share ten principles:
Who gives it confidence? Since it is self-confidence, self-confidence is not given by others, but ourselves give. Self-confidence is a self-assessment, is the ability to achieve their goals through their own beliefs. Self-confidence can be achieved through self-suggestion and not successful in paragraph consolidation phase.

Identification of the need to maintain the target beliefs, adhere to adhere to grasp is the confidence and practice, adhere to every time the struggle to overcome their own laziness, insist that it is put into action every day.

Their potential is to play hard, hard work is paying in excess of 100% of the effort, hard work is 1 hour to get up early every day, hard work is to think more and act more.

Please do not stop learning, with the observation of the eyes, ears to listen, thinking mind, shared language. The solid basis of the attitude of doing things, to seek innovative solutions.

Rain or shine, if the stride, stroll, not pleased, not to have compassion, with a goal, vision and big picture thinking to calm calmly.

Success requires patience, knowledge and experience, have the patience to wait for the opportunity and the general trend of turning point.

Inner strength to encourage those who do not need outside, they will go to self-encouragement, and they encouraged others to encourage their adoption.

Know how to collaborate with others, understand the acceptance and inclusion, know how to thank others for their support and growth to give us motivation.

No rules no standards, be a man of principle, be a man to keep its promise to do a ritual, and we have very good people.

When we accomplish something, we should help others; that is, we have not yet achieved, on the road, as long as some spare capacity, it should be of interest to others.

If we do not control themselves, as long as there is someone to control us. Young people should be practical personal growth and development of team members as a career, more than ten principles of practice should be a good experience, and ultimately will help them become self-management, thereby to be able to lead others to leadership.


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