Only compete in one breath

As the saying goes: “God is a stick of incense, human breath.”

Yes! Who is to compete in one breath, came on this fast-paced world, everyone’s life is not easy, in the person’s life, to go through this or that misfortune; learning and sorrow, not between friends Yue things; life unhappy, and so on, everything every day, hand in hand.

Whenever this time, do you think of your parents hard work? Own ideals? Think of the advantages are friends? The waiting time of life too proud?

When you think about whether they will raise your energetic ambition? Lost will wake up your mind? Is the oscilloscope will wake up your mind to overcome difficulties they? Will?

Friends! Wake up! We do not do something earth-shattering event for the efforts, a senior official not to do the hard work, not to fight for the five meters of petty confusion, not days, not land, not our hardship and parents. We are working hard for parents to compete in one breath. Before they are all so fierce a man can rise to allow them to have such good children proud.

Take a look at our parents, in the years under the relentless erosion of the growing old, their sons and daughters for their own, to pay their youth, paid a sweat effort, even their lives. End of the day it is received eleven palm resting place, lonely cold and lonely, but they are no regrets.

Throughout history, there are many parents for their children, can be described as painstaking;

Meng Mu Mencius not to make a good learning environment, many choose door neighbors, leaving the “Meng Mu moved three” of the story; mother was teaching his son did not forget national humiliation families have gone to defend the motherland, and his son tattooed back the “sake of the general” to spur his son left for this “mother tattooed, security of home and country,” the transfer story, has won universal praise.

Based on now, many parents are even more hopeful, eager to look as female as Phoenix disease. Children taught to make an early, early, or allow them to participate in this kind of training, although too early for children to increase the pressure on young mind, but also turn iron into steel ah! Parents really sorry ah!

Looking to the end, it is the social knowledge and talent, no real learning is in the lining at a difficult place, and the pace is likely to be out of time, looking at our parents, if not always complete children and grandchildren debt; order to put some of my children eat that day and night work, the children, after speaking to Yang Jiali industry, but also for the sake of women who recorded for posterity, hey! Our poor father and mother ah!

Friends, look at our parents, we pay so much for, but they mentioned what is it? Sometimes we in the outside air by the gas had to spread the parents who adopt them are not ignored, shouted hoarsely shouted the atmosphere, feel they are nagging, meddlesome, hard sanctimonious shame we do not have it? Our conscience will be Ann?

Parents gave us a strong body, and gave us a happy family, and even gave us a very good job, the present value of all parents to give, are the parents, thanks to which there is reason we do not study hard, work hard, how can there is reason to suspect that not strange how can I not, not for the other parent is not our fight for breath.


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