Farewell Old House

Old house is the home country house, built in the spring of 1983, is the first brick house full Tun. Years old house carved into the vicissitudes of life satisfaction, every corner is extraordinarily simple. Wall by wind and rain have melted, and as long as the touch of his hand easily, it will come off debris. But the old house in our hearts warm haven family is enjoying the Tianlun Taoyuan.

Old house, three of our brothers and sisters grow stored in memory, filled with the hard work of parents, the parents of the sweat soaked, covered with broad but deep parents love their children, filled with joy and happiness. Dream of carrying the family’s old house, old house bears witness to life.

I like the old house with a food aroma steam. Smelling steam, the mother carefully prepared meal in front of the scene will emerge: the kitchen fire, the mother’s face aglow, his face filled with a smile, but also overflowing with life’s dream.

Old house lights are hard to witness their parents. Tuen bright lights have nearly all the earliest. Parents up early, parents can still be dark through the dawn, to start a day of labor. Father to take care of farming, mother to start home. Even now entered the city, they can not change this habit. Perhaps Inf, under the operation of their parents, the family although not rich, but not constraints.

I remember the most happy thing is clean before the Spring Festival, dress up old houses. No matter how busy or tired, parents should clean the old house before the Spring Festival was spotless, a new dress. We are responsible for buying paintings, his own favorite pictures posted on the wall. I do not know the day before painting to go to see a few times. I know a lot of stories through pictures. Parents paste the wall, paste shed, we are busy along the way. Dress a new look at old house, and my heart is also much more bright. Environment created by the heart say, I do not deny this point of view, but I feel that the environment is also made heart.

The most memorable and most fun to work our brothers and sisters, married after the taste of the old house even more different. When holidays, we return to the old house, visit the elderly, lives on Syria, talk about life, enjoy the time spend with the family, is an old house filled with the most jubilant moment, broke the silence as parents Momo Lao. Lang Lang laughter, filled the ear, immersed in my heart. At this time we are in the best taste of the love of their parents. We also strongly motivated to honor the elderly, comfort their souls.

As parents age, we are eager to parents to come to our side. We have repeatedly begged parents moved into the next county, and live with us. Moving day, the parents wrote on nostalgia for the old house in the face. Mother told me, decided to move later, his father and mother more carefully than usual clean up the old house, every corner and look at them, take care of something. I clearly remember that the parents are required to move the items to move the car, the parents also three times into the old house, tears in the eyes of flowers, nostalgic feelings beyond words. Moment on the train, we all shed tears.

Bid farewell to the old house, heart abnormalities nostalgic old house. Old house is the way we dreaming. Increased the old house to our children a sense of responsibility, a filial heart, we are also working to make parents feel at home in the new old house is more than warm, enjoying their later years. In this way, we can comfort the old house, comfort their souls.


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