And time to grow together in love

My heart is always in the snow
No matter what the weather
He was always a sudden freeze
Can not discuss
I look to the world of flowers in full bloom
The absence of fixed
My heart started to snow
Silent snow covers all
Mound no more confusion of pride and pain
When things go quiet when
Uncertain world suddenly brighter
So do not sorrow for me
I have my beautiful
Just begun
Jimmy —–
The gap in the earth where I look back, suddenly tired, tired, hurt. Cry. Saw that he was stupid, kind of stupid, so ridiculous, so greedy, so selfish, so stubborn, so humble ….. should be good ……
Wake up yet? Maybe not. In fact, has not come to their senses before. Only now won over, figured out bearish, and put down, so be happy, so he knows how to pursue and give up.
In fact, once, regardless of feelings, or experience, failure or success. Has been that good. To know where to go in the back room, whether he is right or wrong before, are worth it. Do not let certain things, certain circumstances, but for some people hold a grudge, so only their own pain. In fact, it is because once, loved, been hurt, pain and cried, and you only gradually mature, this is called “You would like to thank those who hurt you, because it makes you be strong.” The talk. That is because the failed, too low, you will want to succeed, longing for tomorrow. Thus the accumulated good and bad, joys and sorrows to enrich your life, enrich your life, improve your training. Temper your will.
Turned around, a flash of God, somewhere you already have a see through, down, comfortable, Going, sincerity, purity, equality and enlightenment. Compassion, tolerance. Desire, contented heart. Sky blue, the flowers, and see the mountains, the mountains, watching the water is water, which is the realm of life.


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