Whenever the sky was crystal blue, cloudless wide interactive, I always looked through the window, the sky to find the notes carefully. Whatever the reason, can not stop the pace I was looking for. Not suppress the continuous throbbing heart, not smooth. Across the cliff, passing plains, along the Jiang Liu. Envious eyes of light, always can not hide. How I wish I was the shadow of freedom.

They each looked at the figure, passing on my head, and constantly stretched posture. I will always unconsciously shape of two adult birds crochet, keep your fingers stretch, looking at the foot of the reflection, imagination is his heart, slowly fly forward, flying the … …

Sometimes, I will at some afternoon, supporting a chair, lazy lying, eyes closed, not blocked, no worries. Always comes naturally to slowly feel his own heart, Fly, Fly, fly to the vast expanse of the sky. I idly busy stretch of life brought about by fatigue, to accept the baptism of the wind, gentle breeze softly, with the sun’s taste, the taste is so good news. Sometimes clouds come along for the ride, gently sinking to appease my restless heart, soft, and then the point with a slightly elastic, following my heart, what, what kept crawling around, holding my body freely floating in the sky with the wind. I just need to close their eyes, and slowly the sky to feel my love, my gentleness.

Many a time I would go to fantasy, that piece of sky, spring as the flowers, that piece of the sky, Shu wide freedom. But the truth is not out of thin air to imagine, that the free country. Sometimes I imagine in some afternoon, the sun was shining softly, when the afternoon, take the time dressed in a soft silk knit sun golden cloak, the dough crashed into my heart forever I will love the girls, I flat looked on his arms, she sat next to me side, feel the breeze blowing grass, the feeling of kissing on the face, then I hold her hand, with the point cloud of a flower of happiness, said: ” I will take you to that beautiful country in our hearts, love you forever. “and then looked at her faint smile, in fact, our hearts are aware, we have each other without words to declare love.

We will also find a very warm decorated, very few people in the tea shop, a cup of Ice or slightly warm pearl milk tea, we looked on his arms, looked at each other, motionless. Watching the clouds moving slowly in the sky, the sun fell on the other side depicts the face of the yin and yang, as well as eyes unwavering love. We get along slowly with time taste, good and gentle time. Listening to the gentle undulating music store, listening to my beloved girls gently humming the same I love.

I enjoy being alone sometimes, when a curl of floating point smell of tobacco cigarette, on the windowsill in the space, the accumulation of the sad words, not that sad of a person dodging, not that sad that no one tell, not that one person guarding the night before, is not written numerous … …

Look out the window this season, last heard birds singing, it is my last cry of birds call. Slowly bring one day thinking I want to love the girls, never look back and to leave this luxury cage, to find our free country.




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