Dark contemplation

Wan Lai when both static and quiet read of the satisfying of the text. Only you and gently lower of the two exchange words. You can love him as his long-standing woman, can also be utter devotion to him as a brother, in short, this is only an “author” not too clearly qualified as, naturally, do not care about the language or is it taboo bound, in the final words, the space on the big speech.

Some people say that people who like the night, there is a sad story, there is a lonely soul. Feng Ye have told me “You are a hidden story of the people.” I?

Drink herbal tea, look at the harsh lights, looking at the little yellow lights suddenly remembered Li Ao has said “the performance of people often divided into two; one is the” popular feeling “the other is the” strange feeling “,” strange circumstances “is beyond” conventional emotion “performance” Popular feeling “itself is sometimes not objectionable, but” strange feeling “really have to, that” popular feeling “itself sometimes is not necessarily bad, if a major event to” vulgar Love “from” strange circumstances “would be better.”

Han Jia Yi in the “Dress Bird Fu,” Lane said, “Misfortune relied upon by Fu, Fu Xi disaster by V.”
“Happiness and worry about the door Come, good and bad city.”
Jia Yi is worthy of “strange circumstances.” He not only with a wise man’s eyes went up to see the blessing from a curse, blessing to see evil, without suffering loss. Zhida also available from the School of aestheticism look deeper eye-catching long-term perspective to life. So no matter how beautiful the results of the last things on this side will bear fruit, this is the “strange situation.”

Therefore, regarding the “dark” issue, seen by the eyes of most people in the dark, deep. The rest is not healthy. In the “strange circumstances” point of view, the Boundless, Rengeyouzhi, each has different black and white day and night. Or happy or sad enjoyably is really feeling. In view of this, the night is beautiful, like the night is kind of mood, meaning or detached! ! !

Li Ao, I had not, there is no clue that philosophizing, see through “life and death,” tell “the deep and shallow water,” grafting from the “strange customs” of the situation is also debate the mess, just like the night I The years of walking in the cold-blooded woman most lonely and beautiful mind. Out to tell like my friend, perhaps meaning a pass then the good things and moods! ! !


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