Seclusion works in continue to influence- Yves Saint Laurent

In 2002, however, design works successfully hosted smack the 40th anniversary of the world’s top after retrospective, abruptly announced design masters in Paris from fashion, embracing seclusion.

To this, smack explained that he soberly realize oneself and modern industrial society driven by commercial interests in the popular culture are antipathetic. “I and the emerging world fashion ideas. Fashion design have nothing in common factors of elegant, beautiful already gradually disappear, the rest of the time just showy form.” He said.

Many people admire, but actually auspicious smack the design masters by illnesses all his life. In smack opinion, neurasthenia seems to nature, and depression are the last stage in his life that he cannot afford even. In 2002, smack in the farewell party needs to concede sedated and anesthetic to relieve the pain.

Despite already to go, but smack ‘design works influence continues. Many active in fashion dazzling star always interested in his work is the best confirm. He designed the tulips line, bell bottoms, horn skirt line, sailor suit, knight put, Robinson outfit, boots, hip and neutral outfit, straight leather-and-denim are still many popular today and the main inspiration when designers creation of origin, follow regrowth, smack in the fashion industry’s many Kings status and also the unshakable.

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