Another year March

Lovely spring March, the weather warm ye still cold.

Afternoon, carrying a hint of weariness to the ridge walk, the dazzling sunlight of a winter thorn lazy eyes a bit raw so, stop and Yuan Wang, fill the fields is colorful and the grass birds are flying, and is the “city on a beautiful warbler language disorder, the spring tide the city under the Lakeshore “” For beautiful eyes gradually squandering Asakusa can not horseshoe it. ” Look at the mountain, a Paradise after the rain, it is Lvfeihongshou, this time, heard several more tender ears of child voice: My God a little fish; my swallows fly up … …. Follow the direction of the sound, I saw a few red scarf run in the sun, the hand holding the long line, a small blush burst forth, like the fall of the ripe apples, look at the sky, colorful kites, such as a few tail free happy fish swimming in the blue sky into the sea, the childhood dream of colorful painted, instant, storage in the heart of hearts that the memory representation poetic Benson.

“Another year, March / kite flying over the sky / Take my thoughts and dreams, go back to childhood / remember that in March / sleepless night of hard / paste the corner looking at the kite, in good / feel bright Day / Wake Up Little village partner / go to a village side / arms painted bird kites / Everyone laughs Kaiyan / try to catch the soil wind / release a long line / kite with innocent laughter / white to do with, “I remember also in the Department of Physics and Chemistry of age, approaching that of three days of lunar month, the village’s children have suddenly busy all of a sudden up, parents have been so much noise no peace, we are busy kites, to the day of March, children will be got up early, bring their own labor of the past few days, humming the song is not bad for a long time to sing the songs, yelling to each other over the village, and others to Qi, went to the wilderness outside the village on the kite. Small age, accompanied by a small vanity, have to strike a first contest was to bring the beautiful, who have new ideas this year, with the results, then the longest by the age of the crowd divided into several groups, the Flying Competition, participants will be in the crowd who had heard a loud cry, the desperately running and put more in the hands of the longer line, the sky kite flying higher and higher, and other kites in the sky “after the firm,” we then see who’s flying over the top, write down the top three, and then proceed to the next group, so that all participants than the end until the first time and then the finals, was the first who became the year kite king, then the standard of living is generally not high, material deprivation, this is the race there will be no material reward, and everyone one is for fun, most notably after the king in a small kite is the absolute authority of partners , like the Monkey King, no one beat him in before he has the power to participate in this competition indicates that any one person, this is what we pulled the nose in that era failed to pay the price. Now think, a little worth, in addition to mountain climbing in the depression, lower river fishing in troubled waters there is no other entertainment outside the years, it is only worth a year to prepare in advance, painstaking and laborious things, no less than the fathers of their grand are preparation stocking.

“I remember that year, March / sleepless night of hard / paste the corner looking at the kite, in good / feel brighter days / Now every spring warm / used to be the March / kite also painted birds / and the little Partners / kite knows my heart / head points toward the I / Take my thoughts and dreams. ” Can not stop time, unable to withstand the fleeting, and now, the kite has become a long history of a piece of my memory, bright pearl, shining I look back on childhood mentality. Now, the kite has been slowly fading out of life the vision of rich kids, they may be very few people know that March is the annual kite flying over the sky of a day is a day worthy of remembrance for generations, the kite is to They, like the smoke of the breeze, but a landscape Bale.

Today, the field in this country, to see the birds painted kites, many feel a fresh mind, as if he were a boy again, or dragging the nose, with light Ding little brother, running in the spring in March … …


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