Legendary masters

Tender and beautiful peach blossoms, such as variety of butterflies, hovering in the air falling. Mother is the poetry in this beautiful season that gave birth to me and charming as the general wind west to Peach.
Mother is a beautiful shade flower industry Allure Wang Houmingjiaoyi widow after the death of father day and night, the dream is always the ghost of your mother, so they dream for my name in Iraq. Years after the father is on the look of Qi Rong said to me; in fact, I just Mother left him a lonely and poignant dream. The argument that time I do not understand these words, enlightenment is not through!
Yin flower industry as a queen, your mother is beautiful and good, your mother’s death spent the entire negative enveloped in sadness in the world, but because of my birth, it soon will comfort them.
Yam flower industry for thousands of years a popular legend: “Any person with a black hair will have extraordinary spiritual power to become the master of the flower industry.”
And when I was born with thick black hair, and hands are always gathering blue light. Everyone is convinced that I was the legendary master, is to bring happiness to their God.
I can remember my father has been locked up in lily house, does not allow me out of the palace from the half-step. Although he never said why, but I do not blame him, because I was destined to be different, uh, I shouldered the mission too!
200 years old when my hair started soaring even more than the magic of Master surgery profound and growing blue palm, and my temper has become increasingly worse. When these ladies tell Dad I saw his eyes full of laughter ripples. He will then use your mother’s jade edge of the sword before his death gave me, and I invited the great Master taught me to practice surgery. Since then, I did not get out lily house half a step, practice all day in the palace. Come back to see my father every day, gradually moving towards a strong look at me, his eyes filled with comfort, but there is always a touch of lingering brow of gloom!
Riyuerusuo, 500 roar day and night away from my head.
500 birthday, dad first took me out of the Lily House. I was the most powerful technique has cultivated itself into law, and has a beautiful as your mother’s face as Allure.
I saw the ministers bow at the feet of my father, I heard them for the admiration, I saw the face of the proud father, and his brow the 500 years of gloom has never receded. I asked him: I have the most powerful technique method, as long as you are willing to spend the whole world will be able to have a father does not show why the gloom?
Just smile froze in the face for all to step down to me, he said: “Menger you never fall in love with a man to spend community, he said, after no matter what Menger do not blame you spend community subjects, everything You have nothing to do with them that they can promise to always love me?
I was surprised all the father said, and asked: Why can not flower industry of men, what we going to do it? Davis did not answer as long as I promise! This is the first time he asked me. I said yes! Although the hearts of thousands of doubt. Then he asked what I most want. I said I want to see the outside world! I see a trace of worry crossed his eyes, the faint, said: “Go, my child, one day you have to face all this!”
I do not understand what is Dieshuo, but still out of these 500 years has been closed to my palace.


To love

 I apologize
 You want to write this poem
 Can empty my mind
 Meditation does not have to sentence
 I know poetry is not squeezed out
 Do not mind the emotional and imaginative
 There would be no poetic string

 Turn back to dusty Psalms
 It is all about you love admitted
 I still love you so much
 Doped love and cherish more careful
 You have only to measure the footprints of the earthquake ruins
 It also made ​​me fear and nerves
 I’m anxious to see you at a glance
 Suddenly afraid of losing you

 A very long day
 Me awake at night
 Afraid of the night
 Afraid of the night the earthquake,
 You afraid of losing my dear
 This day makes me panic
 Because I love you

 I hate earthquakes
 That hid their intense love for you
 Evans also blocked my
 Limited to what I write can not do without earthquake
 I would like to discard injuries
 Write you and our dear happy days
 I can not make love in their hearts to ashes
 I want to restore the forgotten pen
 Lit with a heart of love and the pen
 Let the pure emotion in the trickling flow of my tip of the brush

Subtle mind

Spring, everything comes back to the earth face changed overnight; colorful flowers everywhere, the grass had just stuck his head, the river has played a beautiful ballad. Everything was connected by a beautiful picture. Orchid growing on cliffs quietly, quietly blooming alone. Drum crushing cycle of the bell of a river flows, but also crushing the old soul. And blue, as if still in the last century.
     Rainy day, a ray of fresh, blowing willow into the wire; dressed in blue put on the new green, psychological started brewing a romantic story, the sun, turn left. Shadows, mottled. Go away when the green season, kindred Portland, has been slim, not sad, not abandoned.
     The other side of the soft branch, flying in the wind; hills turn red, I, across the planted Acacia, the last piece of maple trees, opened the season in the distance, sunrise, water; dusk, this predicament. Sweet smile every time after the blue of the mind who knows?
     Enpa drifting, blooming orchids, the fragrance, to stay in the winter. Lan thoughts, quietly deposition, quietly passing through. Gradually abated, blow away the share of quiet solitude, leaving a warm spring recall once they do, the soft red feet, leaving the passing of a way past and the poignant. Who whom weight loss? Who worries? Who is Who in the story? The world is so missed the people, not too early, that is too late! ! Someone will be happy sad!

Long period of Melancholy, the warm friendship!

I’ve always wanted, want to hold you, want to watch our love, happiness, intoxicated, a sad, helpless.

 Seven years ago we met with our class, with class, watching movies.

 You say you want to stand my wandering to Haijiaotianya.

 I said, I want to stand with you wander to the end of time.

 You say you want to stand my wandering to the highest power.

 I said, I want to stand with you wander to last forever.

 After all, time trace, a trace of vicissitudes. You through the season, through the heart, but nothing left, only to miss the rest of me a sincere heart. Looking back on the experience of stumbling behind, there are always some things that time left an indelible in our memory, there is bitterness, there is laughter, there are moved, there were tears. . . The essence of these emotions, firmly occupy the deepest soul, always inadvertently in our spiritual world, such as butterflies dance like Pina fiber. When we look back bits of debris that once the original is still as heavy as lead pressure in the heart, suffocating.

 Originally, slender fingers flick, only one person forever. It turned out that sections of the month Zuiwu Shu sleeves, and just one person’s one-man show, even if this meant yet so far away, is a stranger!

 Heart the sea is no longer rippling. Whom no longer laugh, cry for whom? Really it?

Lantern Festival “eat, drink, ” Fair

The 15th day of the 1st lunar month is the Chinese Lantern Festival because the first lunar month is called yuan-month and in the ancient times people called night Xiao. The 15th day is the first night to see a full moon. So the day is also called Yuan Xiao Festival in China.
According to the Chinese tradition, at the very beginning of a new year, when there is a bright full moon hanging in the sky, there should be thousands of colorful lanterns hung out for people to appreciate. At this time, people will try to solve the puzzles on the lanterns and eat yuanxiao (glutinous rice ball) and get all their families united in the joyful atmosphere.
Until the Sui Dynasty in the sixth century, Emperor Yangdi invited envoys from other countries to China to see the colorful lighted lanterns and enjoy the gala performances.
By the beginning of the Tang Dynasty in the seventh century, the lantern displays would last three days. The emperor also lifted the curfew, allowing the people to enjoy the festive lanterns day and night. It is not difficult to find Chinese poems which describe this happy scene.
In the Song Dynasty, the festival was celebrated for five days and the activities began to spread to many of the big cities in China. Colorful glass and even jade were used to make lanterns, with figures from folk tales painted on the lanterns.
However, the largest Lantern Festival celebration took place in the early part of the 15th century. The festivities continued for ten days. Emperor Chengzu had the downtown area set aside as a center for displaying the lanterns. Even today, there is a place in Beijing called Dengshikou. In Chinese, Deng means lantern and Shi is market. The area became a market where lanterns were sold during the day. In the evening, the local people would go there to see the beautiful lighted lanterns on display.
Today, the displaying of lanterns is still a big event on the 15th day of the first lunar month throughout China. People enjoy the brightly lit night. Chengdu in Southwest China’s Sichuan Province, for example, holds a lantern fair each year in the Cultural Park. During the Lantern Festival, the park is literally an ocean of lanterns! Many new designs attract countless visitors. The most eye-catching lantern is the Dragon Pole. This is a lantern in the shape of a golden dragon, spiraling up a 27-meter -high pole, spewing fireworks from its mouth. It is quite an impressive sight!

Japan’s post-disaster

Objectively speaking, Japan is probably more capable than almost any other country to respond to the earthquake and tsunami last week. Despite heavy casualties, the consequence of nuclear accidents is also quite terrible. But economically speaking, the situation in Japan is almost worse to the extreme.

First, the disaster has pushed the already over-valued yen exchange rate, either because investors and insurance companies are conducting the repatriation of funds, or because some people else bet they will. Experiencing power outage and flooded plants, exporters will have to face the declining price competitiveness of their products.

Second, the Bank of Japan’s ability to save the economy is limited. After the earthquake of Christchurch in New Zealand, New Zealand Central Bank cut interest rate by 50 basis points, while Japan’s interest rate has been zero. Bank of Japan may (actually will) increase its asset purchases and intervene in currency markets to prevent the over-appreciation of the yen, even though the effect did not last long when it adopted the latter measure last time.

Third, the Japanese government will need to rebuild the affected areas. After the 1995 Kobe earthquake, the Japanese government spent 3% of the gross domestic product (GDP) to counter the disaster. In theory, this should bring a useful short-term boost to Japanese in-deflation economy (Any GDP growth will come from any replacement of lost assets, so it should not be overemphasized.) But Japan is already the most indebted in all developed countries with every national saddled with average 5.2 million yen in debt. Therefore, Japanese government should reduce rather than increase spending.

But Japan still harbors a glimmer of hope. This extraordinary event will at least lead rival politicians of Japan to put down divergences and work together to figure out a budget. In addition, As 94.5% of Japan’s government bonds were sold to domestic investors, the spread of risk should be limited; As long as Japanese investors do not feel panic about the domestic financial situation, it counts little whether some other places in the world feel panic or not. Japan is able to overcome this terrible tragedy on the condition that its economic, political and social dimensions are consistently united.

How to make the bridesmaids and the wedding dress with

To be a bridesmaid there is no age limit. Even though in the past, in ancient times from where this tradition borns Celebrity Dresses the bridesmaids had to be young girls, unmarred and appropriate as age with the bride, nowadays this is not a strict rule; in fact is a totally skipped part.
So, we get to see as bridesmaids even little girls in their 5’s until 10 years old. They are juniors and they make the guests delight Little Black Dresses when appearing in the decor: innocent, dressed as how a bridesmaid has to be, they just bring a smile on everyone’s face and admiration as well.
First of all, if possible make them look all alike with the grown up ones. This will come as a surprisingly view and mostly will fulfill your requests as all the maids of honors matching in outfit, in a harmony of styles. But, as not all the patterns White Junior Bridesmaid Dresses can be available and suitable for little girls and grown ups at the same time you have a much more restrained list. One can choose among A-line dresses, long or short, no matter the length, dresses with straps, empire waist or princess style. The length can be whatever but better to choose the tea length as the girls can be excited and in order to avoid them to step on the bottom side of the dress and fall.
On the other way, instead of matching the dresses Discount Junior Bridesmaid Dresses one can opt for contrasts, as like your wedding colors or anything in combination with white, as to make the distinctive aspect: the bridesmaid gowns for grown up ones with strong or dark color, the bride in white and the juniors with soft nuances either.
Plus, count that if you want to have juniors and flower girls and all of your bridesmaids in a matching look you have to think about the traditional wedding decor and bridal appearance. By this I mean that by choosing casual looks with the desire to have a less formal look the juniors Flower Girl Dresses will not find their place and integration look here. A bride passes trough a nightmare when it comes about the bridal gown.
Why is this so dramatic? In fact it is not. It should be one of the special moments about a wedding planning. But the dress New Style Flower Girl Dresses is worth while to invest in, to pay a lot if we take into consideration the fact that you wear it once in life time, only one night? But still, it is a unique moment and so, you should take full advantage of this and choose a wonderful dress, letting behind the payment aspect.

Thinking of sailing

A stupid girl, dancing thoughts of sailing, the sea in the wandering mind to find the boy’s trail, looking up at hanging in the sky in the distance that a golden crescent moon shines, Sands won the ground, with the pious hope , vulgar whisper whisper sweet words can not be vulgar. May be better not to meet that looming on the horizon hidden bitterness, it seems that there are some leisurely wander the chase, jump in the pond with wax. More than half of youth and sour, the pace of confusion the girl can not help but look back still, have lost touch with hot love, like grief, like hunger, like a patchwork of dense memory confused …. radical in the heart phantom expansion of the religious ties, squeezed into a funny look, the Qing Yan inevitably born with tears, formulaic plot, gentle play with the literary inquisition, it seems that night, Lethal gray memory, is this girl’s round abundance of life Although half the power failure, it is hope and ideas, such as the elegant appearance of the lotus-like, simple to stay in the pond, the flowers bloom between the shuttle. The girl was a little slow release unknowingly thoughts …. maybe a little of the limelight, is the girl in exchange for short-term inadvertently stubborn it! Look back to past, on that night, the girl Qingdouchukai Should the sun full of smiles , secretly and boys hiking to the desert, the golden sand, but also to stay in the daytime after exposure

Yu Wen, warm, lazy girl lying on the boy’s side, listening blankly, the boy with his magnetic voice and soulful singing in the rain in March, the boy holding the girl’s hand, sang: ‘rain Stand by me, the stream you listen to my complaints, you know I love your heart searching …’ girl’s instantaneous Huqihula, it seems somewhat at a loss, God knows when the girl, is how much we need this romantic emotional sustenance and warmth fill the gap in the text …. through the time, it seems, that night is just a legend. Now, the girl is still a man, sitting alone in the thoughts of sailing, over and over again stroked memory, Cheng pulls the wind to the old things and always know the end of my mind, girl questioned the idea suddenly emerges from the heart , dark ask yourself, What is love? That would be my true love? Is the world have eachother, forever love? rain shield of love, let the girl’s heart tightened, is that night, girls and boys loving love, love girls that night drunk …..